Inspired by Performance

Referenced from Tim de Paravicini’s admiration of Jaguar’s powerplant, the EAR V12 extracts much of the same philosophy. The design utilises six EL84s on each bank for a total of twelve, the sum of which is high performance with balance and grace.

The geometry isn’t just engine mimicry but allows for an organised and compact layout with central weight distribution. This creates a design that has powerful lines and compelling proportions. Despite its bold use of chrome and adventurous styling, the EAR V12 sits proud but is not obtrusive in any environment.

Exquisite detailing

The V12 utilises EAR Yoshino’s rich tradition of workmanship, blending high calibre engineering with craft. Beautiful hand selected and polished wooden end caps on the ‘half moon’ valve covers add a simple but distinctive touch to the design making each EAR V12 unique. Chrome transformer covers suggesting a sleek aerodynamic power block, with sufficient power in reserve for the most demanding audio terrain.

Breathtaking from every angle, the EAR V12 is built with a level of quality associated with solid construction that gives the impression that you are using something truly special.

Our greatest engine

Tim de Paravicini’s vision was beyond just a collection of EL84s but to create an amplifier of unparalleled power and clarity. Utilizing Tim’s own ‘balanced bridge mode circuit’ that takes the primary windings of the output transformer and splits them equally between the Anode and Cathode circuits of the tubes so they’re capacitively cross-coupled enabling increased bandwidth.

Aided with the use of a Pentode Mode parallel push-pull class “A” circuit, the valve amplifier produces soft second harmonic distortion in low quantities with superb linearity.

Power behind the beauty

The transformers are bespoke designs, that are hand-wound in Cambridgshire, England. The output transformers are designed and built for ultra-wide bandwidth. Providing extended frequency response at both ends of the spectrum.

Each bank of six EL84’s provids fifty watts of pure high quality audio and improved low-level detail. With perfect loudspeaker coupling, the V12 is equipped with the smooth muscular power of its automotive namesake. As a consequence of Tim de Paravicini’s attention to detail in the design process, he ensured that this power is conservatively within the capability of the V12.


Twelve EL84 (6BQ5)

Ten ECC83 (12AX7)


Frequency Response: 12-60Khz -3dB

Signal-to-nosie Ratio: 93dB

Input Sensitvity: 0.4V

Input Impedance: 47kΩ

Output Damping Factor: 10


Five Line Inputs (RCA)

One Tape Output (RCA)


Power Output (20-20KHz): 50W

nto 4 & 8Ω (8 & 16Ω optional)

Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.03%

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 22kg (48lb)

Length: 420 mm (16.5”)

Width: 440 mm (17.3”)

Height: 135mm (5.3”)


Power Consumption: 200 watts

240 volt / 110 Volt / 100 Volt

(depending on model)